Totowa Airsoft has an in-house gun tech who can help you with all your airsoft questions. If your gun is malfunctioning and/or you would like to make an upgrade please call us at 973-200-0096 to inquire.


Types of Upgrades
  • Spring Change - Increases Feet per Second(FPS)
  • Barrel Upgrade - Increases Range
  • Motor High Speed/High Torque - Increases Rate of Fire
  • Battery Upgrade - Increases Rate of Fire and Trigger Response
  • Internal Gear Upgrades - Inquire with Tech about specifications
Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Airsoft
  • Airsoft makes a clicking sound; does not cycle
  • No response when pulling trigger
  • Grinding noise when pulling trigger
  • Battery / Motor gets very hot
  • Battery does not charge
  • BB's dip as soon as it's shot
  • BB's get jammed in the barrel

Basic Care for your Airsoft

  1. Unplug all batteries from your airsoft when not in use.
    Do not pull the batteries by the wire or attempt to break open the cells.
    Exposed wires are a fire hazard when in contact with another battery or any metallic objects.
  2. Important! Charging Batteries without a smart charger.
    If you do not own a smart charger, beware of overcharging the battery.
    It will overheat and can cause fire. Please take caution and purchase a smart charger.
Hop-Up Adjustments
  1. Adjust your hop-up periodically. If you are unsure how to - talk with your airsoft tech.
    Most AEG's have sensitive Hop-up units and a small adjustment can greatly affect the BB's trajectory. If you are unsure how to adjust your hop-up call our airsoft tech and he can assist you.
Types of BB's to use
  1. Use only premium BB Brands. (ex. Elite Force/Valken)
    Using Cheap BB's or Colored BB's - from big box stores - will damage your hop-up and internal gears from imperfections and deformation.
  2. Important! Do not re-use used BB's or dropped BB's.
    Used or dropped BB's can be chipped and deformed which will jam or damage your airsoft. Only reload directly from the bottle.
Lending your airsoft.
  1. Do not lend your airsoft to other people.
    One of the most common ways an airsoft gun gets damaged is due to lending to other people. They will not assume responsibility for damages or repair costs.